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Serving Oshkosh & The Fox Valley Since 1987

Ally Tax & Accounting LLC is about working with small business entrepreneurs to help make their dream of a successful business come true. We are a very personable service specializing in business start-ups, accounting for business, individual and business income tax preparation and consulting, and payroll services. Not only do we enjoy working with our clients, but more importantly they enjoy working with us.

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Our Team

Ally Tax and Accounting Owner Stephanie Matulle.

Dr. Stephanie Matulle


Income Tax Specialist
Business Consultant

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Matt Matulle

Income Tax Specialist
Business Consultant

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Payroll Specialist
Accounting Assistant

Attributes That Set Ally Tax Apart

Passionate Leaders

Our goal is much more than our bottom line. We are in this business to assist others in reaching success and having continued success in their area of passion and expertise. We are here to guide, serve and partner with our clients. We know what you need and we are happy to assist you!

Client-Centric Family Feel Approach

Our clients feel and become like our family. Our relationship with them is strong and down to earth. We create a culture that is centered around our clients, we focus on them, their processes, products and services to meet their needs beyond their expectation.  

We remain “small” to allow for our clients to know their  importance, while bringing a professional, knowledgeable service to the table. No business is too small for our full attention and the details are not missed when a business has more volume and/or growth. We offer our full attention to each client every single time we have an interaction with them. Similarly, every employee in our office is familiar with every client to be able to serve as immediately and fluently as possible. Often there is one expert per client, however, everyone has the knowledge and back story to ensure each client is taken care of as promptly as possible.


We follow our clients’ most efficient methods while guiding the most beneficial shifts to their methods to make their life easier and our invoice smaller. We put heavy importance on doing things the way that is best for each individual client. Our job is to make our clients’ lives easier. We allow them to set the tone of how they keep track of their operations, how they deliver their work to our office etc. and then we teach them how to make small but impactful changes to their methods to save time on their clocks and ours. Time is money in all aspects. This creates additional success for their business while simultaneously reducing stress and demand of business owners. As their business shifts, grows, evolves – we too, shift and evolve easily and accordingly to best suit them.

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